Yoga and Painting Workshops


The practice of yoga helps to put us in touch with hidden parts of ourselves -things we have lost sight of. One such thing is our capacity to be playful and creative.

All children are creative! Give a small child a brush and some paints, and he or she will create spontaneous and luscious works of art that are pure expressions of the soul largely because no judge or critic is present to hinder the process of creative expression.

Things change a little when we grow up.

Creative expression does not depend on a talent for drawing. It is much more about our capacity to listen inwardly, to be guided by our attraction to certain colours, and once the brush comes into contact with paper to simply let it happen and see what emerges. Simply playing with colour and movement and asking (or demanding!) that the resident judge or critic take a hike over the nearest mountain!

These workshops use yoga and meditation to deeply settle the mind into the body this is when we are most likely to come into contact with our inherent creativity. Music and movement help to release the flow of the impulse to create. What happens next is yours to be discovered!