One to One Yoga

* * *

It could be argued that yoga was traditionally taught in this way, with the guru passing on the teachings to the student. In actual fact, there will be times in everyone’s life when it is more appropriate to receive one to one yoga from a teacher – for example, during recovery from illness, during times of stress and anxiety, or recovering from an injury. In this sense, yoga becomes a therapy catering very specifically to the individual’s needs at that particular time. It can really aid the healing process and provide an oasis each week – creating time and space for ourselves to deeply relax and re-connect.

The one to one sessions can take the place of attending class if that’s appropriate, or can be arranged in addition to attending a group class situation.

Some people may arrange a session weekly for a period, and then reduce to fortnightly; whereas others will arrange a monthly one to one session in addition to attending a weekly yoga class. In essence, it can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and requirements.

Personal home practice

A one to one session may be set up to help you develop a home practice or to tailor your existing practice.

Sessions usually last one hour. These can be arranged at the studio in Maesteg (see contact details) or if necessary I can come to you. To book, contact Lynne on 01656 738079