Mindfulness Meditation

Most of the time, it is our own thoughts that make us unhappy. We go through life reacting instead of responding skilfully to lifeís constant challenges. This reactivity is the source of our discontent. Our reactivity keeps us distracted and disconnected from our own depths. We lose touch with what really matters. Meditation helps to change this pattern. The cultivation of mindfulness is all in the present moment. Itís all about the present moment Ė about living more in the present. The more we practice the art of staying present with what is, the less time we spend re-living the past or leaning forward into the future. Meditation is quiet time, a time to sit and observe the breath, sensations in the body, feelings and emotions and to witness the patterns and habits of our thoughts. Itís a process of coming home to our true nature. It is only by seeing clearly what is already here that allows the possibility of something changing. Mindfulness means seeing clearly without judgment, and it helps us to be more accepting of the way things are.


The thought manifests as the word The word manifests as the deed The deed develops into habit And habit hardens into character So watch the thought and its ways with care And let it spring from love Born out of concern for all beings - The BUDDHA

Meditation sitting group

First Sunday of every month from 6.30pm till 8pm at the studio in Maesteg. Please contact Lynne if you are interested in coming along.
Venue to be arranged.